Thank you for your help

“It really cannot be underestimated how much meeting you made an impression on me – I looked at a 3 yr old at Penn National right before I found skinny “Bert” and I found myself thinking “What did Kim Clark say about remodeling?  they all do it at this age…”   And with respect to skinny Bert – for every person that says something about seeing how good/quiet/sweet he remains once he gets weight on & starts feeling better – I am reminded of you saying that temperment is temperment, it doesn’t change.

You know, I totally forgot to tell you that I am feeding stabilized rice bran pellets with 2 of his daily meals.  I want to say it’s about 1/3 lb – it looks like between 1-2 cups to me.   Do you think I should increase that?  Or just add the corn oil in addition?   I wish we had the pasture to support the horses going without grain….while the grass is still going fairly well because of the rain we’ve had, I don’t think it’s going to cut it for him to gain the couple of hundred lbs he needs.  My older Holsteiner/TB lives on virtually air in the summer and gets fat as a tick, but he typically needs his grain increased as we go into the winter and the grass really gives out.

I am going to order the Neighlox and use your method.  Making up a week at a time sounds especially good.

Bert is a super duper sweet horse who did not deserve to be in his condition.  I had done a post on the Chronicle forums asking about something unrelated and from that I connected with 2 people who knew him at Penn National – where he was not only a groom favorite, but even a trainer across the shedrow had commented on how nice he was there.   I had really been looking to find another horse to re-start/actually ride since my older horse’s soundness is touch-and-go, but sometimes life has a different plan for us.  I had been thinking about looking for another ready-to-start-now horse while Bert gets healthy this winter, but as Bert is such a question mark at this point, I’m worried that I could end up with two horses that I don’t know what to do with!   Unfortunately, his feet were in such bad shape that my farrier said he will need 2-3 trimmings – going barefoot – before he can have shoes go back on.  He was the long-time farrier for a large racing farm nearby and he knows what he’s doing (he also said he’s the skinniest horse he’s seen in 30 years!), so that too will be a matter of time and patience.  In the meantime, I’m just getting on him once or twice a week and walking for 15 minutes – very low key!

I’d actually made an offer on a horse at Penn National – it had been accepted but the seller changed her mind and decided to hold out for more money – a few days before I found Bert.  I had been very disappointed and disheartened by the whole situation, saying I didn’t want to go back to the track to look at horses… I usually roll my eyes when people say “everything happens for a reason” but if I’d gotten that horse, I wouldn’t have kept looking and found Bert, who needed to be found.

Hope you have a good weekend at Fair Hill – the weather sounds like it’s going to clear up for the weekend at least!”

Thank you again!

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