If you wish to have a pre-purchase exam done, this is a list of vets in the area that you may contact.   Leighton Farm welcomes any vet of your choice. The businesses listed are included as a convenience only and are not intended to be an endorsement of any product or service.   Leighton Farm does not assume any liability arising out of the use of the listed vendors or their products or services.

Practices/Vets Located at Bowie Training Center & Laurel Park

Dr. Carol Swandby – Phone: 410-458-8501
Maryland Veterinary Group – Phone: 410-466-6569
Yergey, Stewart & Vallance – Phone: 410-792-2026 or 301-498-7667
Chesapeake Equine Veterinary Practice – Phone: 301-805-6700

Practices/Vets Located in the Southern Maryland Area

Arundel Equine Clinic
Dr. Stott
5672 Nutwell Sudley Road
Deale, MD 20751
Windsong Veterinary Service, LLC
Dr. Deborah Graham, DVM
Windsong Veterinary Service
1019 Wayson Way
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Southern Maryland Veterinary Referral Center – Phone: 301-638-0988
3485 Rockefeller Court, Waldorf, Maryland 20602
Tidewater Vet – Phone: 301-884-3231
Route 5, Charlotte Hall, Maryland 20622

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