New Track, New Life

New Track, New Life

written by Kimberly Godwin Clark

NTNLECover1000In November 2007, Leighton Farm began promoting and retraining off the track thoroughbreds. The response has been phenomenal. I’m confident there are many people interested in getting a horse off the track, though some may hesitate because they need guidance and good information. I have not found a comprehensive resource explaining both how racehorses live while in training on the track, and how to handle and retrain them once they leave the racetrack environment.

My goal in writing this book has been to provide information to aid anyone who has, or is interested in having an ottb. I believe someone with a working knowledge of horses is capable of handling a horse off the track, when they have the information they need to understand these wonderful horses.

This is a work in progress and I am encouraging you to contact me with your questions so I can help you, add to and modify the contents of this online book. I plan to do my best to make this as comprehensive a resource as possible. I’m also hoping that those of you with experience in retraining ottb’s lend your knowledge and experiences.

There are so many misconceptions about how thoroughbreds are handled and trained at the track. Misinformation is a main cause. I plan to correct this by explaining the behavior and advantages of an ottb that are a result of their race training and environment.

New Track, New Life is now available as a Kindle Book.  Please go to to purchase it the cost is $4.99 for ebook download and $14.99 for the print copy.  All proceeds go to helping the horses.  AmazonSmile is the exact same website as Amazon except uou can select Thoroughbred Placement & Rescue (our original name) to benefit from all of your purchases on Amazon.   All proceeds go to help retiring racehorses find new lives when their careers end.

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