Doctor James

DoctorJamesTiffanyAugust 2014 – Doctor James is currently competing at the Preliminary Level in Eventing.

From Tiffany Wandy, Jame’s owner: Two and a half years ago, I finally found myself in a position to own a horse again. I had just finished graduate school and decided that I wanted to find the perfect OTTB to partner with in eventing. Day after day, I pored over online ads and watched countless videos of young prospects. I called many owners and tried many horses. None of them were quite right.

One night I was out with non-horsey friends and one asked me whether finding the right horse was like experiencing a “Say Yes to the Dress” moment. I responded with something less dramatic, a brief explanation of proper conformation, a trainable attitude, and natural athleticism. The next morning, I set off early to see two horses in Virginia. Neither one was exactly what I was looking for, but there was still time left in the day for a visit to Leighton Farm to meet Kim Clark and her horses.

DoctorJamesWater1000I had emailed Kim previously about a gray mare that had been listed on her website. She told me that the mare had recently found a new home, but that she had another very special horse who wasn’t yet on the website. That horse was Doctor James. James was on crossties in the grooming stall when I arrived and as soon as I saw him, I was completely smitten! He was very green at the time, but he was one of those horses that you could immediately picture yourself galloping up to some big fences on!

Since that day, James has become the best of partners. He’s a very quick learner and a naturally careful and scopey jumper. This season, he successfully moved up to Preliminary and has been rocking it! Not only is James a fantastic athlete, but he is also the sweetest horse on the ground. He loves to snuggle and is never short on welcoming nickers. I can’t say enough nice things about this amazing horse. I’m incredibly lucky to have him and adore him completely. I’ll be forever grateful to Kim for making the match!

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