Constant Star



The Breeder’s Bridge to High Performance Contest was hosted by JMS Sales and Beezie Madden.  The winner, Constant Star went to their Cazenovia, New York Training Center to be ridden by top rider, Callie Schott in their training program in August 2012 for 90 days training. Click here to read about it.

Beautiful Star had been off the track since the age of two, being hacked and allowed to grow by a loving owner. Then at five years old she began serious work at Leighton Farm.
As she built strength, her incredible potential became obvious.

Star is 16 hands and has no vices. Click here to see all of her videos.  See her only dressage show and first show ever!  She won both classes with a 66% and 67%!
John Madden Sales, Inc. Announced Breeder’s Bridge to High Performance Contest Winner!

Click here to see her pedigree.

Click here to see her race record.

Star shows great potential in everything she does. With the jumping, she is very cat like and smart. She is very careful and hates to hit a jump. She competed up to the Training level in horse trials in the mid-Atlantic region under the direction of Sharon White with Tim Bourke as her main rider.

Star has worked with John and Beezie Madden with Callie Schott as rider. David Loman, Elizabeth Madlener , Jim Wofford and Sharon White. Star’s career is managed by Kimberly Clark, trainer and rider at Leighton Farm and founder of Thoroughbred Placement Resources a charity that helps retired racehorses find new lives when their careers end.  Go to to find out more about this charity that works out of Leighton Farm. She was started evaluated and promoted by Kimberly Clark who has produced many upper level prospects from the retired Thoroughbred racing world, including Houdini, registered name, Rocky Times who is currently competing at the Advanced level of Eventing.

Star was ridden by Tim Bourke in the video we submitted to win the contest. Thank you both Sharon and Tim for your work with Constant Star to benefit TPR, Inc.

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