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Two Punch Willy

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Breathtaking is one word I would use to describe this guy.   He is also a kind and gentle soul who needs a caring and sensitive rider.

Wills aka Two Punch Willy is a sweet baby boy.  He’s 17.1 hands and 9 years old.  He requires and experienced rider because he is a worrier.  Wills is not spooky, but needs a confident, tactful and soft rider in order to progress in his training.

Wills raced two times and didn’t earn a cent, retiring completely sound.  As you would expect of a Two Punch, he’s got athleticism.  He’s done multiple dressage shows, winning and even scoring in the 70’s .  He finished second at his first horse trial in 2013 at Marlborough but being a worrier, he is happier doing dressage and this boy can move!  Wills is a very lofty mover with a natural, built in lengthening.


At his first recognized show last spring (2016) he was a trooper in the pouring rain, scoring a 67% in Training Level 3!

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He will be showing First Level Dressage this spring and summer.  Wills is the horse of a lifetime for the right person.  I do not think he would do well in a boarding situation as he is sensitive to chaotic environments like boarding barns where people come and go at will.   He bonds to his humans and finds comfort and confidence in them and would do well, like many retired racers,  in a small farm environment such as the one he lives in now.


Wills is offered to an approved and permanent home for a $5,000 adoption fee.   He is not available for a jumping career because that is not what he wants to do.  He will not be available for resale.  He is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  All proceeds go to Thoroughbred Placement Resources.


Mystical Harbor

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“Fellow” is an extremely special horse.

Unraced due to finanicial and health issues of his breeder, he came to TPR last year.  Since then he has proved to be a rare find.  He is a combination of outstanding movement, kind temperament and natural show off.  He loves all humans and wants to please, and please he does.

I’ve worked with some of the top professionals in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping and all agree this is a horse that can go to the top if paired with the right rider/trainer combination.  That is what we are seeking.

Mystical Harbor has competed at recognized dressage and scored well even finishing 9th in his first BLM Championships and only his 4th recognized outing.  He has done extensive cross country schooling, even working with Lucinda Green and has also done several jumper shows.  He is extraordinary at all of it, but we see a future for him in the dressage world – representing his breed – the Thoroughbred.

He is located at Leighton Farm in full training, he is a mild cribber, but has no physical issues of any kind and is offered for $45,000 to the right home.  All proceeds of his sale go to Thoroughbred Placement Resources.

Shock and Awesome

Found a Home


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Maybelline is green broke to ride as evidenced in my video. I do not plan to retrain her as I have far too many to ride at this point. I will just hop on her from time to time until her human comes along.



Maybelline has no health issues, vices and is sound. I just put her first set of shoes on! I don’t think there is anything this wonderful girl can’t do. She already stands 16 hands tall with a lovely solid build.


Shock and Awesome is a 2 year old Thoroughbred filly who has been lovingly raised and handled by my good friends Diana McClure and Michael Cooney. They have a wonderful farm where the break and train Thoroughbred racehorses.



“Maybelline” as I call her has never had anyone scare or hurt her which has resulted in an easy going and happy young horse. Due to financial constraints, Maybelline’s owners have decided to rehome her rather than race her which is great for someone who wants a horse they can start from the beginning.

Shock and Awesome is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  She is available to a great home for $1,500.

Pollard’s Image

Found a Home


Pollard is a 16.1 hand Thoroughbred Gelding who has it all! He has absolutely stunning coloring, but more than that, he is an extremely fancy mover!


Pollard was bred, raised and race trained by a husband and wife team who always do right by their horses. Consequently, he comes without physical or emotional baggage that must be addressed.


He has been at Leighton Farm now for several weeks and I have sat on him once. He is eligible for the 2016 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover, so I will not put him in the Leighton Farm training program until I see if there is anyone who wishes to enter this special boy in the competition.



He was retired from racing at the age of 8 because he had run through his conditions and it made no sense to carry on. He is now 9 years old with a solid foundation of good care and handling to build upon. As with all their horses, Pollard retires sound and blemish free.

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Pollard is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. His adoption fee is $2,500, and all proceeds go to Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. Please contact me for more information.

Clever Notion

Found a Home


IMG_9361Cleveland is a 5 year old unraced, Thoroughbred gelding who stands 16.2 hands tall with a very robust build. This is a big boy!

He has spent the last few years as a trail/pleasure horse and eventually made his way to TPR in the fall of 2015. His owner breeder decided this was the best decision for this wonderful horse.

He has no vices or soundness issues. Cleveland had a breathing issue and it was decided the best course of action was a tie back surgery which he got due to the generosity of many donors and Spurlock Equine Associates. He is an outstanding mover with an extremely calm and easy going temperament. I believe he would be best suited as a dressage horse or trail/pleasure mount although he is able to jump.


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CleverNotionBody2At present Cleveland spends his days turned out with one other gelding and there has been no problems with his interaction with other horses. He does have a stall at night. We are currently working him cross country building his strength for more serious work. He is doing extremely well and many of the volunteers here at Leighton Farm have been on him. Soon I will put him into the formal training program here once a spot opens up. I will continue to add videos to his playlist as his training progresses.

Cleveland doesn’t require any special care or upkeep and has the potential to be an incredible partner for the right person. He is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He is available for a $2,500 adoption fee. Once he enters our formal training program, his price will be adjusted to reflect his increased value. Please contact me for more information.

Banana Pancakes

Found a Home




Banana is a 16.1 hand, extremely elegant mare who has been very lucky in that she has had the best of care by her racing connections. She is a WONDERFUL mover and has a friendly and cooperative demeanor. She is easy going, although not a dead head. Banana is 12 years old.

I broke her to be a racehorse so I can guarantee she had a good start. I was still doing quite a bit of that 12 years ago. The charity work had not completely taken over my life yet. She was happy to be ridden. Banana had a very good race trainer who is good to the horses so she has never been betrayed by the humans, making it much easier to introduce new things.

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Originally upon retirement from racing, her owner/breeder was hoping she would be his family’s riding horse and he sent her back to me for 30 days “retraining” during which she excelled in the basics of self carriage. He then took her home but no one ever really took to riding so she ended up being a companion horse for his babies when they came home.

Recently she was turned out at a friend’s farm because they no longer have the baby horses so Banana now needs a job. She is here and being ridden mostly cross country, just trail riding. We have not begun formal retraining and honestly hope to find her a home in short order.




Banana is sound, with no vices and has tremendous potential to become a riding, dressage, jumper or eventer. It’s really up to whomever adopts her. We want only to find her the right home.

Banana is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and available for a $300 adoption fee. Please contact me for more information.

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